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Allow your partner to have his or her space. Clear your doubts by healthy discussion. This is crucial for happiness. If you are single, get out and mingle. For parents this is a good time as children bring pride for them.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Generation gap should be filled with friendly nice talk. You will follow your friends or colleagues in becoming more health conscious. Love life remains satisfactory. Romantic endeavors are certain to bear fruits.

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You have a powerful strength and it is advised to become aware of it. This is a good week, and you enjoy at all levels. You may be lucky enough to be embarking on overseas trip, or are working, studying, living overseas for an extended period of time.

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Wherever you will go, you will encounter new experiences and welcoming hosts who will embrace you and invite you into their own world. Everything is starting to fall into place and you can be one with the situation. You will get success in putting your best foot forward. An enhanced status, promotion or designation is on the card. You can take important decision related to career as you are very sound and grounded.

Astrology Answers Cancer

You are hard working and much focused. Your abundance of energy and self confidence will give you a boost to move ahead. Travel is quite possible; if you are driving make sure you are using all safety measures. You may meet romantic person. Things are going to be going well. You are likely to be feeling charged up, ready for action. Some good news particularly in the realm of matters of the heart is likely to be headed your way soon. This is a very, very positive time to get when you are asking about love. If you are single, someone is about to sweep you off your feet. Positive messages, things that you would like to hear are stored for you.

Be open to exploration of your feelings. Sun Based.

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The World, Two of Swords. Gemini is just coming out from this dark place that has been keeping them trap for awhile-be it thoughts about the future, their relationships, or a reflection- and are now free to direct their energy elsewhere. Six of Rods, Five of Rods.

The Magician, Daughter of Pentacles. Take this week to reevaluate. Sometimes you need help and sometimes it is best to take it before you end up hurt. Your goal is attainable-it is just a matter of the way you go about it. Ten of Rods, Seven of Cups. Holding onto that negativity without dealing with it can lead to a point where you are not able to progress; and transformation is on the horizon. Your projects will be successful as long as you give them the proper attention. Daughter of Rods, Ace of Pentacles.

weekly tarot card reading

The Moon, Six of Cups. Judgement, Daughter of Swords. You are a force to be reckon with, and you are capable of achieving your goals. Strength, Eight of Pentacles. Son of Cups, Strength. This week is a time of balance and initiation: you have a plan, you have the energy, you are simply waiting for the right time. Father of Pentacles, Mother of Swords. This week is going to be a bit of a struggle; your actions are not going to quite capture what you think or what you want. Ten of Rods, Two of Swords.

This is a time when you need to learn how to trust in yourself because you have the tools that you need to succeed right now. There will always be opportunities to learn and grow but right now you have enough knowledge to get started on your journey.

Focus on the positive. Look at the sunny side of life!

Cancer "WEEKLY" SEP 30th-6th OCT 2019 "CANCER YOU GOT THIS 100%"

Be as positive as possible, like attracts like so, if you want positivity in your life, act that way yourself and it will come. The Sun can also be advising to nurture your inner child, so take a playful and fun approach.

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Aries - For the past few weeks everyone has been on edge, including you. This weekend will be fun as Mercury and Jupiter connect in your zone of love, go get that flirt on! Taurus - This week will be relaxing for you. Everyone seems to be helpful and time with friends is recharging, instead of draining. Rest up this weekend as Jupiter creates a sextile with Mercury to help you clear your mind and space.

Gemini - Stress in personal or financial areas will be cleared up this week due to the opposition from the Sun and Pluto. It will be easier to accept and move on than fight a losing battle. This weekend Venus will be in your sign, it would be a good time to meet new people. Cancer - Due to the final opposition of the Sun and Pluto it is time to embrace change.

Follow your instincts and think of the big picture. This weekend marks a sextile between Venus and Mercury making it a good time for rest and reflection. Leo - Mercury is now in your sign, making it the right time to be open to listening and gathering information before making any big changes. The moon is in your zone of relationships, flirtations with a friend could bring more romance to your life. Venus has moved into your career zone and you can do no wrong.


Your ruler Venus is making a positive aspect to Mercury this is an ideal time for travel. Scorpio - You may have taken a big risk recently or stepped out of your comfort zone in a major way; things will smooth out because of the opposition of the Sun to your ruler Pluto on Monday. Take time to pamper yourself and have some fun. Sagittarius - A big breakthrough this week could set you on a whole new path.

Although this weekend is more so romantic when the moon will be in your zone of love and Venus is in your relationship house; set the stage for a big flirtation. Capricorn - On Monday when the Sun makes and opposition to Pluto old relationships may fall away to make room for new ones. Spend some time with old friends mid-week, maybe host a party at home this weekend. Aquarius - You are happy and calm this week and may be because of a big epiphany. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday perks you up and now that Venus is in your zone of love you are also in a loving mood.

You are going through a time when you need to turn your back on things that no longer benefit you. It is important to leave things in the past even if it is difficult because otherwise you will carry that baggage around with you. The World: Stay aware of the secret symbols the world presents to you. There is wonder at hand if you take the time to enjoy it. You can get jaded and bitter if you only focus on yourself and the problems on your mind. Take a breath and appreciate the stranger who holds the elevator for you.

The person who picks up the book you dropped. Pay it forward, and help the world turn with positivity. Knight of Pentacles: We can get caught up in our routines.