Stellium in sagittarius astrology

This is the perfect day to show others how much they mean to you, or dedicate your energy to a beloved organization, cause or project. Virgo is in its domicile here Mercury is its ruling planet so our wit is at an all-time high, and so is our attention to detail. No one is safe or sliding by.

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The next day on August 30 the new moon offers us a chance to reset. Virgo rules the sixth house of health, day-to-day routines, work, and oddly enough, pets.

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Sagittarian Angel. This Stellium is proeminently in 7th using Placidus Houses, while using Whole all the Sagittarius is in 7th, with all planets involved here Mercury and Saturn are in 6th in Placidus, but in 7th in Whole. I just wonder how all these planets could influence the meaning of 7th Uranus in combination with Venus in 7th doesn't help me to establish a long term relationship, while conjunction Venus-Sun in 7th would bring me a shiny relationship with someone? That's my dilemma If these interpretations are good in the same time or something else Feel free to express your opinions.

Oooh, another Sagittarius stellium type!

Having A Stellium In Your Natal Chart

I have only four Saggie planets, but a Stellium all the same It would be easier, for myself at least, to comment if you actually post your chart in this thread. Do you mind posting it, and do you know how? I needed technical instructions before I could do so. Angel, With a stellium collection of energy in Sagittarius expansion focused in the 7th house relationships , you may be very expansive in your relationships in some way However, with Uranus friends there you might want to have relationship "friendships" of some kind close but not TOO close.

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The challenge is to find the right balance of "distance" and closeness in relationships. Guessing, Tim. Find all posts by wilsontc. Thanks wilsontc, your interpretation is right Howl, I don't mind about posting my chart. Here it is:.

My sister and I are both Sagittarius Stellium babies.. I would love to pick your brain! I think your chart started a migraine Originally Posted by Sagittarian Angel.


Last edited by astrologer50; at PM. Incredibly, there are no squares between planets in your natal chart! This is good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not bogged down with "baggage.

Stellium In Scorpio And Sagittarius

So many ways in which our Sun can be hidden under a blanket of misperception. If you were born with your Sun at 10 degrees of the Sign — your Sun will change Signs at 20 year so age — get the idea? These changes can impact your persona greatly — especially if born at 28 or 29 degrees of a Sign — your Sun will move on when you are only one or two years of age!

In this case — although you were born with the Sun in one Sign, it turned over whilst you were a babe — and as you grow — the Progressed Sun Sign may be more influential in how your personality blossoms and develops. Our Sun changing signs is one of the ways we evolve, learn, grow and become our completely true selves. Another impediment in expressing and feeling your Natal Sun Sign is if it is in close aspect to a major Planet — Saturn conjunct your Sun will indeed keep any sign more modest, staid and understated perhaps even coming across as angry, dour or stubborn.

Even with an upbeat Sign like Gemini or Leo — there can be a stifling of the natural exuberance of the Sign. The fluidity of their Element does make them more pliable and receptive to outside stimuli.

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Still, as noted before — Water as an Element is truly a force to be reckoned with, as it can in time have an impact on any other Element. That said, Water sign folks can often not feel as powerful as their Sun Sign because of their extreme sensitivity. Libra is also a Sign that can be overlooked — as they are usually kind, can see both sides of any situation, and have a difficult time deciding which way to choose. But think! Libra is an Airy Intellectual Cardinal Strong-minded Sign — they have the inner strength of that Cardinal drive to succeed.

Often overlooked in any competition — our beautiful Libra can and will overcome all opponents and challenges with a smile and a perfectly charming demeanor.