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Understanding physics brought me closer to astrology. Then some great teachers walked into my life to show me that there is actually no duality in astrology—Western or Vedic. Ptolemy and Parasara actually were talking about the same thing—just astrology. And yes, my cousin finally found lasting love and consulted me to ensure that the stars were aligned for her to have a blissful conjugal life.

She has a happy married life and a wonderful son. As for me, I am eternally grateful to Gurudeva and Goodman for igniting the confusion of the zodiacs in my curious mind since all wisdom begins with a confusion! Tags: astrology jyotish astrology Souvik Dutta. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error.

Jyotish astrology is stellar! Souvik Dutta was initiated into spiritual life of Vedic sciences Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Mantra Shastra, Hindu philosophy at the age of 8 by his family priest. He is trained in multiple branches of jyotish Vedic Astrology. He teaches jyotish and other Vedic subjects to students across the globe through in-class and online courses.

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He also conducts client consultations. Share this story: tweet. Recent Posts. With love, Lourdes September 2, September 2, - 0 Comment. Living an illumined and plastic-free life August 21, - 0 Comment.

Special offer from photographer Rose Yuen August 15, - 0 Comment. Illumined in the Big Apple July 9, - 0 Comment. Career: making your life work December 13, - 0 Comment. December 12, - 0 Comment. Aside from hours of daily homework, it included 5 yearly trips to the Himalayas for intensive one or two month immersion courses to study the Jaimini Sutras and Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra.

In Oct. Since I attend with my husband Jack L. A pet project of mine is to find correlations between Vedic Astrology and the Enneagram. As is the case with most systems, each sepcializes in somewhat different aspects of study and as one goes deeper these aspects begin to melt together into one. I believe both systems have a lot to offer and together their effectiveness is multiplied by more than the sum of the components. Andrea Isaacs Movement and imagery always facinated me. In my college years, I was practicing Yoga and meditation, but it did not quite give me a sense of being truly alive and present.

That changed when I saw how modern dance could united the somatic with the emotional and it became my career.

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After working with some dance companies in Chicago I started my own called "Moving Images" and kept it for a good 10 years while at the same time teaching dance at the Emma Willard School in New York. Then I came across the Enneagram in and, deeply moved by the insight it brought me about relationships, I dove head first into studying as much as possible, certified with Don Riso and Russ Hudson and have been on their faculty since Soon after first encountering the Enneagram, it became apparent to me as a good type 4 that something was missing.

My ongoing collaboration with neuro-science researcher, Dario Nardi, is validating that this work changes the brain. After years of teaching international ly and coaching others , I can see and vouch for the effectiveness of the system and believe in the blessing that is the enneagram and in the Enneagram Monthly as a voce open to all schools of thought and a priceless treasure for the community.

Moon mind reflects the light of the Sun soul. On every Full Moon eclipse or not , our mind experiences an emotional overflow.

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But on a Full Moon when Moon is eclipsed, our mind seems to have lost touch with our soul momentarily. So not only there is emotional overflow during a Lunar Eclipse but also there is no guidance from the Sun soul. We may feel lost or overwhelmed.

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So what do we do during a Lunar eclipse? There is no external light to guide us. Our mind has lost touch with the soul. First of all, we need protection of the mind.

Videos matching Souvik Sanskritik Chakra, Nandikar Festival, MAA Part 2

How do we do that? Through Mantras. Mantra is something that protects our mind. So doing mantra during an eclipse is extremely important. Secondly, since mind is eclipsed, we need to try and go directly to the source, reach the soul without support of the mind. Just Be.


Discover our pure Self. Practice dissolution of our mind and body. There are over Upanishads surviving today. These Rishis were highly enlightened beings who realized wisdom of the Vedas through their intense meditation. It also contains immense philosophical and devotional wisdom. Those deer were actually a sage and his wife who had transformed their body. Hence, he could never have a child. The boon was that by chanting a specific mantra, she could invoke any God and immediately give birth to a child. Kunti did so 3 times and as a result conceived three sons. She first invoked Yama, God of Dharma and conceived Yudhishthir as a result. He was the most righteous and truthful person alive. He was mighty powerful like the wind. The first of these 5 days is celebrated as Dhan Teras. This book bridges this gap between Jyotish and Yoga with very deep understanding of the human body, mind and soul.

It is the first book of its kind that combines Yoga and Jyotish.

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We are all unique individuals with a unique footprint of Karma in the past lives which gives us our unique body and mind in this lifetime.