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There are various techniques which can assist us to connect with the Soul or Higher Self.

Emerald Astrology – From Inspiration to Manifestion

These include meditation, some forms of creative visualisation, dreamwork, psychosynthesis, artistic and musical expression, communing with nature, compassionate service, study of the Holy Scriptures and Ancient Wisdom classics, and so on. The soul-infused personality is symbolically represented by the six-pointed star. See Figure 2.

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You will notice that the triangle of the Soul has a threefold nature corresponding to a higher octave of the personality vehicles. The physical body has its higher counterpart in Spiritual Will or Purpose. The emotional body has its higher counterpart in Universal Love, while the mental body or rational mind has its higher counterpart in Higher Mind.

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There are several approaches to esoteric astrology, and it is indeed a complex body of knowledge. Therefore, I would like to keep it as simple as possible. One of the fundamental differences between esoteric and exoteric astrology is that both are based on a completely different set of planetary rulerships. Some esoteric astrologers, such as Dr Douglas Baker, dismiss traditional astrology altogether and work only with the esoteric rulerships.

Other esoteric astrologers, such as Alan Oken, recommend the interfacing or juxtaposing of the personality-centred chart with the soul-centred chart. Another important point is that esoteric astrology has its foundation in an understanding of the Science of the Seven Rays. For the purposes of this article however, I am not going to deal with the Seven Rays, although their meanings are implicit within each of the astrological factors.

What I am presenting here is a somewhat eclectic approach which can only scratch the surface of this vast body of knowledge. There are a few basic principles which we can begin to work with straight away, and which will help us to shift the focus from personality problems and potential to spiritual purpose. I am not recommending that we forget the personality.

I feel that it is still important to delineate the natal chart in the traditional way.

Libra ascendant/rising sign personality

But what we can do is add a soul-centred perspective to our traditional delineations. Perhaps you have felt that there is a deeper meaning to the Rising Sign than a mere description of the physical appearance, the persona or the manner in which we project ourselves? This does not mean that the empirical evidence of traditional astrology is invalid. It is a tenet of traditional astrology that the Ascendant is symbolic of the birth or point of incarnation, of the entry of the soul onto the physical plane or the cross of matter.

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Esoteric astrology merely takes this a step further. If we look to the qualities of the sign on the Ascendant, we can glean valuable information about the nature of spiritual purpose and service. The qualities of the Ascendant sign describe the future direction of the soul, what we are growing towards, or new qualities that we are developing. In this respect, we can see its meaning as similar in flavour to the North Node, although I would suggest that the qualities of the houses and signs of the nodal axis tell us how we can achieve personality integration, or integration of the yin and yang within the personality.

The quest of the hero as symbolized by the North Node is the quest of the personality. The sign on the Ascendant indicates how we can best express our personality gifts to extend beyond ourselves to help others, or to help the planet as a whole.

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The house position of the esoteric ruling planet of the Ascendant indicates where these gifts and qualities are best expressed. It points to the field of service of the soul. These rulerships may seem odd at first, but a deeper study will reveal their significance.

Vulcan is an undiscovered or hypothetical planet, and esoteric astrologers believe that it is located near the Sun. Weston or that of Dr Douglas Baker. For example, if the Sun is found at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, then the Earth will be found at 9 degrees of Gemini. That is the realm of the personality-centered delineation. Of course, any personality problems or dilemmas are relevant in the soul-centred delineation, because they offer us an idea as to what is hindering or impeding the progress of the soul.

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  • The following are some suggestions for delineating the Ascendant from a soul-centered perspective:. If the esoteric ruler, the Sun , is located in the 11th house, then the field of expression for the creative and leadership qualities is through group activity. This person may be an inspiring writer, counselor, healer or teacher. With the Aries emphasis, the focus would be towards empowering and enabling others through their mental and communication gifts.

    There is a facility for manifesting on the physical plane, but the purpose is to gather resources for a higher or collective purpose.

    Your Astrological Rising Sign: Your Soul Portal

    For example, this person could accumulate and distribute resources in order to fund some sort of group venture. The esoteric rulerships do not cancel the value of the traditional rulerships. For the Aries Ascendant, the position of Mars points to personality problems, tendencies, talents and gifts, while the position of Mercury points to the area of service of the soul.

    It is important to look at any aspect formed between the exoteric and esoteric rulers of the Ascendant. A trine or sextile between Mars and Mercury suggests that there is a harmony between the personality expression and the expression of the spiritual purpose. The following esoteric meanings are synthesised from the available literature on the subject.

    GEMINI — to teach Right Human Relations, between self and others, personality and soul, anima and animus, higher mind and lower mind Venus — intelligent love; relatedness; resolution of polarity; turning knowledge into wisdom Keynote — I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow. CANCER — to build a spiritual home and selflessly nourish others Neptune — unconditional love and forgiveness; devotion and self-sacrifice Keynote — I build a lighted house and therein dwell.

    LEO — to express Divine Will through the qualities of open-heartedness, warmth, creativity, leadership and love Sun — the self-conscious I; the integrated personality; creative equipment Keynote — I am That and That am I. I, God, I, matter am. Is Astrology Scientific? Perhaps this is rather a tricky concept to understand. It is not about feelings or emotions, but about a different way of thinking, acting and working in life. Now in consultations, the esoteric astrologer would still look at the Sun, Moon and Ascendant to determine the basic principles, just as for the human who has not yet become soul-influenced.

    That is always our starting point.

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    Esoteric Astrology – The Journey of the Soul

    The chart works for them in the same way as it does for exoteric and humanistic astrology. It is only when the soul qualities are being felt in a client that there is a need to investigate what's happening in relation to transits and the concepts to do with Soul's purpose and development, as indicated in the chart. It is not an astrology that can be 'put' onto people who are not ready for it. There is usually a lot to be done in the humanistic realm to start with anyway - even if a client is feeling a strong calling that could be considered from the Soul arena. These are two different types of energy.

    Libra Rising: The Libra Soul

    So we are talking about a different consciousness with regard to the average human. An astrologer would have to question clients about their feelings and behaviours in life before they could realistically ascertain whether the soul element was starting to work. New Age Astrology is a title I have presently given to the course that I am developing and will be made available to those who want to learn it. This may seem a 'glib' title, but I believe it is to the point regarding the new age developments that are already happening to many people around us.